Saturday, 30 May 2015

Thank you for your applications

Thank you to everyone who submitted their application! We know how much effort you put into it and we will make sure that our selection process is just as thorough! 

We are looking forward to welcoming you here in Liverpool (a city that has more to offer than Beatles and football) and to meet you at our beautiful University of Liverpool Campus. A weekend of insightful presentations and discussions is ahead of us. 

Friday, 22 May 2015


Second BPPA Masterclass of 2015
In association with the
University of Liverpool School of the Arts,
the Badiou Studies Journal and Mind

University of Liverpool,
Department of Philosophy,
School of the Arts,

Call for Applications

Set Theory Ontology and the Philosophy of the Event

2nd – 3rd October 2015

Deadline for applications:
9 a.m. 29th May 2015

Oliver Feltham, the American University of Paris
Andrew Gibson, Royal Holloway University of London
Anindya Bhattacharyya, Independent Scholar
John McSweeney, Independent Scholar

Masterclass Description:
Set theory ontology and the philosophy of the event marks a recent and innovative means through which ‘Continental’ and ‘Analytic’ philosophical currents can construct a dialogue between their disparate perspectives. Such debates and developments have been influential in Continental philosophy for over two decades, yet have seen little impact upon the Anglophone philosophical community. In recent years, there has been an intensification in the curiosity of Anglophone philosophers working within the Continental tradition. In 2012 the Badiou Studies journal was established as an English-language forum to facilitate these debates and create a presence within the Anglophone philosophical world. However, despite the philosophy’s suitability for cross-traditional discussion and the journal’s attempts to harbour this, the impact has remained largely within the remit of pre-existing Anglophone continental philosophers, whilst the Analytic community’s engagement with Badiou has been minor.

The second BPPA Masterclass of 2015 will bring together researchers with an interest in all areas of Badiou’s philosophy in order to appraise its relevance to contemporary philosophy. As set theory and its immediate ontological ramifications forms the core of Badiou’s philosophical approach, the masterclass will be primarily focused on this in order to be approachable to those without sufficient previous engagement with Badiou. The masterclass committee welcomes applications from postgraduate and early career researchers from all areas of philosophy who have an interest in learning about set theory ontology as well as those who wish to develop upon their knowledge.  Up to fourteen free places are available.

Please see for full an unabridged description of the masterclass, and aims and objectives.

Application Process:
The organising committee welcomes applications from postgraduate students and early career researchers from all areas of philosophy with an interest in Badiouian ontology and set theory. Please consult the unabridged CFA before applying. Please submit a two-page academic C.V. and a single-sided statement of interest to Ruthie Miller – – by 9 a.m. on Monday 29th May 2015. Please be sure to include details of: previous engagement with set theory ontology and/or the philosophy of the event, details of why you feel you would benefit from attending the masterclass, as well as an outline of the proposed participant’s paper. Abstracts will be requested subsequent to acceptance onto the masterclass. Participants will be selected to ensure a comparable representation of those with little or no experience of set theory ontology together with those who are already working within the area. An interest in set theory ontology is essential, but not a prior engagement with it.

Funding Information:
The masterclass will be free for participants. In addition, lunch, dinner and tea breaks will be provided for all participants, as well as accommodation for up to 14 participants. Travel bursaries are tbc.

Masterclass Organisers:

Oliver Downing
Head of Committee and Program Coordinator
University of Liverpool

Richard Shield
Treasurer and Publicity Coordinator
University of Liverpool

Ruthie Miller
Applications Coordinator
University of Liverpool

Michael J. Kelly
Co-Editor of Badiou Studies and Publication Coordinator
University of Leeds

Arthur Rose
Co-Editor of Badiou Studies and Publication Coordinator
University of Leeds