Friday, 25 September 2015


Day One (Friday 2nd October): 

09.30: Registration 
10.00: Masterclass Introduction and BPPA Talk – Catherine Marichen Robb 
10.30: Oliver Feltham 
12.00: Tea Break 
12.30: Participants' papers: Oliver Downing, Brian Smith 
13.30: Lunch/BPPA AGM 
14.30: Anindya Bhattacharyya 
16.00: Tea Break 
16.30: Alain Badiou - For a New Concept of the Absolute
18.00: Day One Closing Remarks & Reception 
19.00: Conference Dinner  

Day Two (Saturday 3rd October): 

09.00: Registration 
09.20: Day Two Introduction 
09.30: Andrew Gibson – Instability and Inertia in Badiou’s Ontology 
11.00: Tea Break 
11.30: Participants’ papers: Jan-Jasper Persijn, King-Ho Leung, Piotr Skalski 
13.00: Lunch 
14.00: Participants' papers: Matt Hare, Richard Shield 
15.00: Tea Break
15.30: John McSweeney – Political Subjectivity in Badiou’s Ontology: Precursory and Contemporary Philosophies of the Event 
17.00: Tea Break 
17.30: Participants’ Papers: Simon Koreshoff, Tryggvi Ulfsson  
18.30: Closing Remarks - Oliver Downing & Richard Shield
19.00: Informal Meal & Drinks 

Please Note: Some or all of the proceedings on both days will be recorded to enable the subsequent transcription of discussion 

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Suggested Reading list

Alain Badiou. The century. Cambridge: Polity, 2007. 

Alain Badiou. trans. Oliver Feltham.'The State, or Metastructure, and the Typology of Being (normality, singularity, excrescence)' Being and event - and as much of the rest as possible. 

Alain Badiou. 'Book V' Logics of worlds: Being and event II. Vol. 2. 

Alain Badiou. Seminar dated 26 Mai 1987, Le SĂ©minaire - Heidegger: L'ĂȘtre 3 - Figure du retrait (1986-1987), Fayard, 2015. 

Zachary Luke Fraser. The Category of Formalisation: From Epistemological Break to Truth Procedure, in Alain Badiou. The concept of model: an introduction to the materialist epistemology of mathematics. re. Press, 2007. xiii-lxv