Saturday, 19 September 2015

Suggested Reading list

Alain Badiou. The century. Cambridge: Polity, 2007. 

Alain Badiou. trans. Oliver Feltham.'The State, or Metastructure, and the Typology of Being (normality, singularity, excrescence)' Being and event - and as much of the rest as possible. 

Alain Badiou. 'Book V' Logics of worlds: Being and event II. Vol. 2. 

Alain Badiou. Seminar dated 26 Mai 1987, Le Séminaire - Heidegger: L'être 3 - Figure du retrait (1986-1987), Fayard, 2015. 

Zachary Luke Fraser. The Category of Formalisation: From Epistemological Break to Truth Procedure, in Alain Badiou. The concept of model: an introduction to the materialist epistemology of mathematics. re. Press, 2007. xiii-lxv

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