Friday, 25 September 2015


Day One (Friday 2nd October): 

09.30: Registration 
10.00: Masterclass Introduction and BPPA Talk – Catherine Marichen Robb 
10.30: Oliver Feltham 
12.00: Tea Break 
12.30: Participants' papers: Oliver Downing, Brian Smith 
13.30: Lunch/BPPA AGM 
14.30: Anindya Bhattacharyya 
16.00: Tea Break 
16.30: Alain Badiou - For a New Concept of the Absolute
18.00: Day One Closing Remarks & Reception 
19.00: Conference Dinner  

Day Two (Saturday 3rd October): 

09.00: Registration 
09.20: Day Two Introduction 
09.30: Andrew Gibson – Instability and Inertia in Badiou’s Ontology 
11.00: Tea Break 
11.30: Participants’ papers: Jan-Jasper Persijn, King-Ho Leung, Piotr Skalski 
13.00: Lunch 
14.00: Participants' papers: Matt Hare, Richard Shield 
15.00: Tea Break
15.30: John McSweeney – Political Subjectivity in Badiou’s Ontology: Precursory and Contemporary Philosophies of the Event 
17.00: Tea Break 
17.30: Participants’ Papers: Simon Koreshoff, Tryggvi Ulfsson  
18.30: Closing Remarks - Oliver Downing & Richard Shield
19.00: Informal Meal & Drinks 

Please Note: Some or all of the proceedings on both days will be recorded to enable the subsequent transcription of discussion 

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